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  • Immigration
    • Reasons for coming (mainly Black Caribbean)
      • NHS (1948)
        • Free healthcare
      • London Transport
        • Offered to pay fare in return for work
      • Help rebuild Britain
        • Better job opportunities
      • Join family members
      • British Nationality Act (1948)
        • Gave everyone  in former British Empire British citizenship
          • People could come and live in Britain whenever
          • Companies were able to look overseas for workers
      • America
        • USA put new restrictions on immigration
          • People who would go to USA instead went to Britain
    • Who came?
      • Black Caribbean
        • Windrush (1948) came with lots of room offering cheap travel
      • Ugandan Asians
        • Ida Amin said GET OUT.
          • Went to Britain
      • Kenyan Asians
        • Kenyan government said Britain or Kenya
          • Many chose Britain
      • Indians
        • Anyone unhappy with Partition came to Britain
      • Irish
        • High levels of unemployment
    • Racism
      • No accomodation
        • Landlords could charge very high rents  for tiny rooms
          • All settled in poor areas of London, which became mainly black Caribbean
      • No jobs/ overly-qualified jobs
        • High Poverty Rates
      • Banned from some bars
        • Had to create own bars and dance halls
          • Led to worse reputation
    • Enoch Powell
      • "Rivers of Blood" Speech (1968)
        • Immigration needs to be maassively reduced
          • Got fired, but speech caused outrage
          • Wanted to bring immigration issue back to the forefront
          • Lots of support from population
    • Notting Hill Riots
      • 400 Teddy Boys attacked black neighbourhoods
        • Four nights of attack
          • Police did nothing until night three, when the black community started fighting back
          • White people protected their black neighbours
          • Caused deep-set mistrust between black community and police
          • Led to Claudia Jones creating Notting Hill Festival, to try to unite community




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