Britain - Immigration

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  • Immigrants
    • Why did people migrate to Britain 1948-1972?
      • War in their home country.
      • Bad economy.
      • NHS, TFL jobs
      • Romantic vision
      • British Nationality Act 1948
      • Uganda, president Idi Amin exiled 50,000 Asians.
    • Experiences of Immigrants
      • Daily Life:
        • Colour bans of things like pubs and boarding houses.
        • A lot of right wing politicians against them.
        • Had to live in the UK for five years before you could apply for council housing.
        • Banks didn't give loans.
        • Most immigrants exploited by landlords.
        • Strikes about immigrant workers.
        • Low paid.
        • Hard to get promoted.
      • Racism:
        • White Defence League, police sided with them as did the conservatives.
        • Notting Hill Riots 1958 Teddy Boys
        • Rivers of Blood speech 1968 Enoch Powell
        • Race Relation Act 1975 stopped Racism, Labour
    • Contribution to Britain
      • Music - Bob Marley, Wailers, Queen (Freddie Mercury/ Farrakh Bulsara)
      • Business - Garments wanted so economic impact.
      • Festivals - Carnivals brought to bring the British out of a depressing time.
      • Religion - Hindu (India) Islam (Pakistan) Christianity revitalised (Caribbean)
      • The 'snip' and arranged marriages.
      • Food - Coffee bars, ice cream parlours (Italy), kebab (Cyprus), Chinese (China), Curry (India)
      • Pop Culture - Black newsreaders (1973), black football players, tv sitcoms "Love thy Neighbour"


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