ICT - Image Capture

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  • Image Capture
    • Digital Photography
      • -Transmitted over the internet and published on websites
      • - Displayed in electronic albums and access is everywhere
      • -Manipulated with software
      • -Printable
      • -Saved on magnetic or optical media
      • -Mobile phone usage
    • Display Devices
      • -Screens on digital camera are liquid crystal display (LCD)
    • Digital Camera
      • -Digital files stored on a flash memory card
      • -Different cameras have different maximum image resolutions
      • -Higher resolution = better quality
    • Pixels
      • -The resolution of an image is measured in pixels
      • -The greater the number of pixels used in an area the higher the resolution
      • 1 megapixel = 1 mill pixels
    • Digital Video Camera
      • -Digital files in a camera
      • -HD Cam=HD Movies.
        • SD= Standard Definition.
    • Flash memory
      • -A memory card slots into a camera, phone or computer
      • -Same technology as pen drives


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