CPU and Registers

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  • CPU
    • "Brain of computer", Responsible for executing programs (sequenceof instructions)
    • Memory Buffer Register
      • Where data is held temporarily after being fetched
      • Buffer: Memory designed to hold data on it's way to somewhere else
    • Memory Address Register
      • Hold s the location/address of which data will be read from/written to
    • Current Instruction Register
      • Contains the operator & operand of the current instruction
      • Where instructions are loaded, decoded & executed
    • Accumulator
      • Used to hold the result of operations e.g. calculations
    • Program Counter
      • Holds address of next instruction to be executed.
      • e.g. If the PC has the address 305, the next instruction is at location 305
    • Arithmetic Logic Unit
      • Performs arithmetic and logic/mathematical operations on the data
    • Control Unit
      • Handles the flow of data and instructions
      • Coordinates the activities taking place in the CPU, memory and peripherals
    • Buses
      • Communication channels to send data
      • Data, memory and address


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