Chemistry C3 Identifying Negative Ions

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  • Identifying negative Ions
    • Carbonates
      • Add Hydrochloric Acid
        • Carbonates will fizz
          • To prove -Add potential carbonate
            • Bubble into limewater
              • Will go cloudy if a carbonate
    • Sulfates
      • Dissolve potential sulfate in distilled water
        • Acidify with Hydrochloric acid
          • Add Barium Chloride
            • If there is a white precipitate, then it is a sulfate.
    • Nitrates
      • Add sodium hydroxide to potential nitrate
        • Heat
          • If there is no ammonia-add aluminium
            • Aluminium reduces the nitrates
              • React again with sodium hydroxide
                • Ammonia should be given off
                  • Damp red litmus paper will turn blue
            • (to test for ammonia- damp red litmus paper will turn blue)
    • Halides
      • Dissolve potential halide in distilled water
        • Add dilute HNO3
          • Add silver nitrate
            • Check precipitate
              • Bromide-Cream
              • Chloride-White
              • Yellow-Iodide


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