Identifying ICT problems/errors

identifying ICT problems and errors.

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  • Identifying ICT problems and errors
    • ICT systems are complez and they can cause a lot of problems to the user. Users need to know what to do when problems/errors occur.
    • Software freeze - when the software freezes you press 'Ctrl, Alt, Del' at the same time. You then click on the task manager. When this happens you can lose your work.
    • Error dialogues - These appear when something is wrong - the computer memory is running low. you need the batteries changing for your mouse or keyboard, printer jam, printer ink or paper running low. Yoou click ok once you have seen the problem.
    • Storage Full - when the computer says that there is not enough space to save files you can delete files or save files on a different storage media.
    • Paper jam - you turn the power of the printer off and then follow the manual's instructions.
    • Uninstalling software - you can delete the software using 'delete' but it can leave parts of the program undeleted. Instead use Control Panel. Go to 'Programs'. You then click uninstall program and uninstall the program that you want too.


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