idealism problems

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  • Idealism Problems
    • illusion + hallucination
      • objects have the properties we percieve them to have
        • Berkeley - not as vivid as truth
    • trap of solipsism
      • theory runs risk of falling into solipsism
    • continuity + regularity
      • when no one percieves an object it ceases to exist
      • e.g. leave an apple after 2 weeks, open drawer apple has rotted so clearly existed
    • Berkeley's solution - God
      • ultimate perciever - keeps everything in continual existence by being everywhere
      • sense data in the mind of God and then produces it in people regularly + predictably
      • problems with this solution
        • God causing pain therefore God not perfect
        • cop put - God solves problems but very few answers
        • idealism we can't know - don't know anything beyond our minds
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