Ideal German woman

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  • Ideal German woman
    • Lots of babies
      • They recieved the honour cross for having more babies - gold for 8 children, silver for 6 and bronze for 4. holders of the cross were given an honoured place at nazi meetings.
      • Single women could have sex with an ** man (perfect german) to get pregnant and then donate the baby to the Fuhrer. also after 1938 it was legal to divorce your husband or wife if they were infertile
    • look
      • Broad shoulders - athletic          smart and covered up      blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • food/cooking
      • women were iscouraged from working so became typical housewives. in cooking you always had to use leftovers and once a month make a stew like dish from cheap meat and leftovers - the SA could come and check this
    • work
      • 15% of teachers, all women doctors and civil servants were sacked
      • during the war they needed more women workers so introduced the duty year - working for no pay just bed and board. However many women didnt go back to work.


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