INFO 3 - ICT Strategy (Topic 4)

A mind map containing information on Topic 4 (ICT Strategy) from the AQA exam INFO 3. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes or feel like anything should be added.

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    • Factors which influence ICT strategy
      • Internal
        • Business Goals
          • Short term goals can affect style of ICT system
        • Available Finance
          • Organisations only have so much money
          • Budgets may have to be kept to
        • Legacy Systems
          • Often a mixture of old and new systems
          • Compatibility issues must be considered
        • Geography of Clients
          • Method of communication
          • Method of transport
          • Method of delivery
      • External
        • Legislation
          • Laws Include:
            • The Freedom of Information Act 2000
            • The Data Protection Act 1998
            • The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
            • The Computer Misuse Act 1990
          • Any developed system must not break laws
        • Compliance
          • Means conforming to a standard, policy or law
          • Includes the laws in legislation
    • Management of Information Assets
      • Information is kept for long periods of time
      • Useful information for marketing
      • Useful for evidence in a legal case
      • Storage and search problems with large data quantities
    • The need for strategy
      • Organisationswill review new developments often
      • Too much change can be a bad idea
        • Retraining required
        • Expensive to maintain & continue
      • Future Proofing
        • New systems need to be able to cope with future demand
        • Methods of Future proofing include:
          • Scaleable Networks
          • Applications independent of OS
          • Data independent to programs
          • Large quantities of storage
          • More than required processing power
      • Competition
        • New technologies bring advantages
        • Advantages put you ahead of the competition
        • Strategy cannot be too rigid to prevent change
      • Technology Life Cycle
        • 4 Phases
        • Research and Development
          • New system being investigated
          • New system being built
          • Costly period
        • Ascent
          • Initial costs being recovered
          • Savings start to rise due to:
            • Improved Efficiency
            • Less Wastage
            • Reduction in admin costs
        • Maturity
          • ICT System works well
          • Helps to make savings for the company
          • R&D for new system starts here
        • Decline
          • Starts becoming out of date
          • Costs of system rise, benefits fall
          • Needs replacing


Mr A Gibson


A good checklist for this topic. An ideal resource to print out and stick on the wall. Useful to review what factors an organisation will have to consider for a successful ICT strategy regardless of exam board.

Use with this resource to have thorough two topic coverage.

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