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  • Input/output devices
    • Keyboards
        • A small keyboard that only has numbers.
        • A small keyboard that only has numbers.
        • Most computer keyboards have a numeric keypad on the right side, and most mobile phones (there are also computers) have a one for entering phone numbers, etc.
        • This is a device with a numeric keypad used to enter a person’s Personal Identity Number (PIN) e.g. when paying with a credit card.
        • PIN pads are also found on electronic door locks – you enter a PIN to unlock the door.
        • A very common, general purpose, input device that allows text (abc…), numbers (123…) and symbols (%[email protected]) to be entered into a computer.
        • A keyboard is simply a set of buttons. Each button has a symbol assigned
    • pointing devices
        • Untitled
    • Audio/visual
    • card readers
    • reading texts/codes
    • sensors
    • control actuators
    • printing/plotting


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