ICT- Data Security

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  • ICT - Data security
    • Key threats to data security
      • Data may get lost or damaged during a system crash, especially one affecting the hard disk.
      • Data can be lost or corrupted by viruses.
      • Data can be lost by accidentally deleting or editting files
      • Data can be hacked into by unauthorized users.
      • Data could be deleted or changed by untrustworthy employees
    • Measures that can be taken to keep data safe
      • Making regular backups of files.
      • Protecting self from viruses by setting up anti-virus software.
      • Using passwords to restrict access to data.
      • Physical security measures e.g. locks on doors, removable, portable devices with data on kept in fireproof safes, swipe card doors
      • Using data encryption to   code data so it makes no sense unless it is decrypted.
      • Write-protect disks so they can't be edited accidentally
      • Allowing only authorized staff/people into certain places
      • Always logging off or turning off terminals when finished with a computer
    • Online  banking
      • When you bank online, http turns to https. This is because data sent between two computers is encrypted so that anyone trying to intercept your data only receives meaningless data. The data can only be decrypted by someone with a key to change it to readable data.


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