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  • ICT(copyright,legislation and social networking)
    • Legislation
      • Data Protection
        • Protects Personal Information
        • Companys can not ask for more data than is needed
        • Companys can not keep data longer than it is needed
        • Data must be accurate
      • The Computer Missuse Act 1990
        • What are the three levels of crime?
          • Unauthorised access to computer material
            • This includes logging into another person's computer with their password without their permision.
            • Also stealing their documents and programs
          • Unauthorised modification of computer material
            • Destroying or corrupting another user's files
            • modifying system files
            • The creation of a virus
          • Unauthorised access to a computer with intent
            • gaining access to financial or administrative records
            • Using information to commit a further crime
    • Copyright
      • Why bother with Copyright ?
        • People spend alot of money and time writing and recording these materials
        • If proffessional artists connot make any money from their work, then they will not be able to afford to create any more
      • Consequence of copyright
        • Prosecution
        • Internet service may prevent you from using the internet
        • prison
    • online shopping
      • advantages
        • you can do it from home
        • takes less time
        • You can read reviews from other customers
      • Disadvantages
        • Clothes can be the wrong size
        • it could take along time for the delivery to arrive
        • Send substitutes
        • You need internet connection
        • You cannot pay using cash
    • Social networking
      • Advantages
        • contact friends
        • communicate with lots of people
        • meet new people
      • Disadvantages
        • Cyberbullying
        • loss of privacy
        • vwaste time
        • fake profiles


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