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    • Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
      • An AUP states how the network may be used by a user and what is and isn't acceptable
      • It is an important document  providing you with rules and guidelines on how to use the network
    • Importance of Secure Password
      • If a hacker cracks your passwords, they could gain access to your social media accounts, bank accounts, emails and other sensitive accounts that hold your confidential, personal data.
      • If someone obtains access to this information, you could become the victim of identity theft. Therefore, creating a strong password is vital.
      • Repeatedly using the same passwords or using ‘weak’ passwords can leave you vulnerable to hackers
    • Social Media
      • Business use social media as a platform to get in contact with public
      • Any form of electronic communication that enables users to share ideas, content, information and messages can be described as social media.
      • There are many different platforms available, with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among the most well known.
    • Copyright/ Plagirism
      • When you copy something without any permission
      • Copyright is a right given to the person who done the work. You cannot claim rights over something that some else has put in the original work.
      • An original piece of work is covered by copyright.
      • It is illegal to share copyrighted material on the internet without the copyright owner’s permission.
      • Copyright is automatic and there is no need to register for it.
    • Phishing?
      • Criminals can get sensitive information via a link they send by email or text messages
      • Allows criminals to get into bank accounts
      • Trying to trick someone into giving out information over email


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