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  • A glacier is a mass of ice which flows down a valley.
    • Glaciers form when the climate becomes cold enough for precipitation to fall as snow.
      • The weight of the new snow lying on the surface compresses the underlying snow and this turns to ice.
        • When the ice starts to move downhill because of gravity is called a glacier.
    • The forming of Glaciers.
        • Key Words.
          • Erosion- The wearing away of the land at the top of the mountains and in valleys where the glacier flows.
          • Transportation- the movement of eroded material down the mountains
          • Deposition- The dumping of eroded material lower down the mountain
          • Abrasion- is when the pieces of jogged rock and gravel carried away by the glacier rub against, and wear away, the valley sides and floor of a valley.
          • Plucking- is when the glacial ice freezes onto solid rock. As the glacier moves, large pieces of rock are pulled away with it.


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