ICE TASK 2- *** PREP MIND MAP Q2- Evaluation PR activities /efforts against Defintion of PR

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  • TOPIC 3 *** PREP
    • Research
      • use credible sources
      • Explain how chosen organization used stated PR strategies
      • Research history of organisation
      • Choose an organization to research PR initiatives
      • Research Products/services offered
      • Determine stakeholder groups
      • Research Mission Statement/Goals
      • Research Prisa Definition of PR using Textbook
    • Evaluate Research
      • Define PR
      • Expand upon how chosen organization applied various PR activities
      • Establish if successful in applying PR methods
    • Write Essay
      • Structure essay correctly
        • Write Intro: Providing background info on Organisation
          • Briefly define PR
            • Discuss How chosen organ did or didnt use PR tools
        • End with Conclusion: summarizing content not adding new.
          • conclude by evaluating The effectiveness of how the chosen organization used PR
      • Proofread for Grammatical errors
    • Avoid Plagiarism
      • Save Info From Research to compile Reference list
      • Intext reference Essay
      • Submit Through Safe Assign


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