IB: Resisting pressures to obey

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  • IB: Resisting pressures to obey
    • Feeling responsible and emapthetic
      • Australian study, only 16% of female students gave 450 volts, attributed to learner being another female student- more empathy
      • Milgram: One participant when asked why stopped said they'd experienced pain growing up in Nazi Germany - did not want to inflict pain
        • Triggering of painful memories can awake people from angentic state
          • Felt responsible for harm produced, the other room was an insufficient buffer
      • "I have a choice. I can walk out of here. I can't hurt this man"
      • When participants could see the learner obedience dropped to 40%, and 30% when using force
    • Disobedient role models
      • Watching other people disobey may encourage resistance to blind obedience
      • Rosa Parks refused to obey bus driver and give up seat for white person, so became a role model for other black people
    • Questioning motives and authority
      • Legitimacy, motives, expertise of authority figures can prevent automatic obedience
      • Milgram in office blocks- obedience dropped to 47.5% lack of prestigious surroundings meant particpants questioned more
    • Reactance
      • Want to protect sense of freedom, Gamson  found once someone voiced concern about what being asked to do, others joined -> rebellion against unjust authority
      • Blantant attempts to resrtict freedom -> boomerang effect -> opposite of what is asked


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