IB Philosophy Core: Descartes Meditation 6

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  • Sixth Meditation
    • Probability argument
      • Imagination
        • seeing an image before the mind's eye. The application of cognitive faculty to a body which is present
        • Imagining a triangle I see three sides before the mind's eye
        • Attributed to the body
        • He has a clear and distinct idea of physical properties having existence
          • This is through imagination  related to corporal objects, so the external world is likely to exist
          • Since God is good he would not deceive him of this
        • Needs a stimulus
      • Intellection
        • there is no image, insted it is related to essense
        • Intellect about a chilagon
      • To prove external world
      • res extensa
    • Dualism
      • Mind
        • Non-extendable
        • Indivisible
      • Body
        • Extendable
        • Divisible
      • Mind and body  are separate and mind can exist without body
      • They interact through the pillory gland


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