Iannis - Captain Corelli's Mandolin

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  • Iannis
    • Relevance to plot
      • narrator - highlights his opinions and views
      • presents key values - De Bernieres shows belief in Iannis's values through the way in which characters end up
    • Social and familial position
      • highly intellectual - higher than others on the island
        • shows lack of education
          • "I am not qualified. I am not a proper surgeon" p409
      • Respected by Pelagia - does not abuse his position of father
        • "You're lucky to have a father like that" (Drosoula to Pelagia) p167
        • "That is why I am talking to you as one person to another" and why " i am not striding up and down shouting at you and forbidding everything, as a father should" p347
        • "Do not let anything I have said diminish you. I was young once" p348
    • appearance and physicality
    • relationships
      • Pelagia
        • Filial Love
          • "I have never been so prodigiously proud" p167
          • "She ran up the hill to be with her father, following the ancient instinct that decrees that those who love each other must be united when they die."p 187
      • Island/islanders
        • He helps everyone on island with any illness
      • God
        • "A village needs a priest, as an island needs the sea" p48
        • explains why he doesn't go to church - "Empedocles said that God is a circle whoe centre is everywhere and whose circumference is no where. " p63
        • "You shoudln't trust to God for anything" p65
    • function within novel
      • potrays a modern view on women
    • Themes associated
      • Equality  (intellectual, love etc)
        • Does not just believe in marriage for money - "I warn you, I'm not giving away a dowry" p65
          • "No one is going to marry my daughter just for the expectation of wealth" p65
          • "He isn't your equal, and he would expect to be better than his wife" p103
        • "You must act honourably with respect to Mandras." p347
      • Love people, not ideas - NOT idealisation
        • p345 Roots
        • "We whould care for each other more than we care for ideas, or else we will end up killing each other." p 62
        • Not idealising - loving the person not body
          • "Don't give into him t all. Deny yourself. Because then your eyes will not be clouded by a madness that you cannot control" p347


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