Nazi Germany Hyper Inflation

A mindmap on Nazi Germany Hyper Inflation

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  • Hyper Inflation
    • Value of the Mark increases and money becomes worthless
    • Increase Value
      • Minute
        • 11,203.7
      • Hourghly
        • 672,222.22
      • Daily
        • 16,133,333.33
      • Monthly
        • 484,000,000
    • Positive
      • Exporters gained from the fall of the exchange rate
      • Farmers were pleased by the increase in food prices
      • Businessmen could easily pay off loans
      • People could pay off there mortgages
      • People who rented property on long term rents gained as the value of their payments fell
    • Negative
      • Pensioners found that their pensions became worthless
      • Many people couldn't afford bread and milk
      • Savings became wirthless


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