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  • Hydrocarbons
    • Hydrocarbons only contain hydrogen and carbon atoms
    • Alkanes
      • Alkanes all have C-C single bonds
      • They are the simplest type of hydrocarbon
      • General . Formula: Cn H 2n+2
      • They are a homologous series
        • This means a group of organic compounds that act in a similar way
      • Are saturated compounds - Each carbon atom forms 4 single covalent bonds
      • Methane
        • Ethene
          • Propane
            • Butane
    • Their properties change as the chain gets longer
      • The shorter the chain, the more runny a hydrocarbon is
        • Shorter chains = More volatile (lower boiling points) and more flammable
    • Complete combustions occurs when theres plenty of oxygen
      • Hydrocarbon + Oxygen --> Carbon Dioxide + Water
        • The Carbon and Hydrogen from the hydrocarbon are oxidised
    • Used as fuels due the amount of energy they release when they combust fully
  • In Combustion,


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