Primary sources of hurricane Katrina

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  • Hurricane Katrina
    • new orleans, us
      • Below sea level, Next to Missispi
    • Formed August 23rd, 2005
      • Hit New orleans at 6:10am August 29
    • 3 million people without electricty
      • 300,000 houses destroyed
      • People
        • 1,836 people dead
          • Toxic chemicals released due to damage
        • 100,000 forced to stay behind in New orleans
          • Nowhere, to go, can't afford it.
        • Hotel/ tourist facilities damaged
      • 9,000 forced to take refuge in superdome
    • Storm surge  6m
      • Farmland ruined by salt water
      • Oil rigs ripped from anchors
      • Flood barriers burst, 80% of N.O under ft of water, including road and railway
        • Coastal habitats damaged


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