Hurricane Ivan

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  • Hurricane Ivan
    • About
      • Hurricane Ivan was one of the Caribbean's most powerful and destructive hurricanes.
      • The hurricane hit many Caribbean countries as well as the USA.
      • Ivan hit the Island of Grenada on the 7th September 2004.
    • Impacts
      • Winds of 200km per hour from the category 4 hurricane. It caused major damage, however rainfall proved not as heavy as expected.
      • Trees were broken and uprooted, services and buildings were destroyed. Roads were seriously blocked by fallen trees, although coastal defences did well against the storm surge.
      • Around 90% of all houses were destroyed or damaged, half of Grenada's population were made homeless and almost all schools were damaged.
    • Responses and impacts on development
      • Water was prioritised as the most basic health issue and was efficient again within three weeks of the storm.
      • In terms of development, long term damage is more important, in the short term, people lacked food, clean water and medical care however these shortages were overcome.
      • Even 10 years is not enough to catch up what was destroyed by a major hurricane like Ivan and poorer countries have a low tax base and individuals are usually without insurance to help them recover.
      • In the long term, the Caribbean can not develop as they have to pay off the debts caused by the repairing the damage.
      • Grenada is a fairly poor country and was already in debt when Hurricane Ivan hit.


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