Hurricane Sandy

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  • Hurricane Sandy
    • Key Facts
      • The hurricane travelled across the Caribbean Sea, affecting the island nations of Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti, before moving north to reach the USA.
      • It reached New Jersey on 29th October 2012.
      • By the time the hurricane reached land, wind speeds of 129 km/h were recorded.
      • The storm surges caused most of the damage to East Coast states.
      • The use of social media such as Twitter and photographs uploaded to Flickr helped with damage assessment.
    • What was the impact of Hurricane Sandy?
      • Social
        • Death toll of at least 150 people
        • Many areas left without electricity
        • Homes and businesses damaged
        • Schools closed for days
      • Economic
        • Estimated property damage: US$65 billion
        • Government had to pay for petrol to be brought in as supplies ran out
        • Income from tourism affected by cancellation of New York Marathon
      • Environmental
        • Storm surge caused significant damage to coastal nature reserves like the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware
        • Raw sewage leaked into the waters around New York and New Jersey, damaging habitats
    • What was the response to Hurricane Sandy?
      • Individuals
        • The concert for Sandy Relief with artists such as Bon Jovi
      • Organisations
        • The American Red Cross helped by providing relief to the victims
      • Government
        • Billions of dollars were voted through legislation to help with rebuilding and supporting victims. New York set up a new local government office to support the rebuilding.


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