Hurricane Katrina USA 2005

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  • Hurricane Katrina USA 2005
    • Opening...
      • Hurricane Katrina began as a very-low pressure weather system, which strengthened to become a tropical storm and eventually a hurricane as it moved west and neared Florida coast on the evening of 25 August 2005
    • Impacts...
      • The levees and flood walls that protected New Orleans were breached in 53 different places, allowing water to flood the city up to 3m deep
      • Flooding was made worse by the heavy rain (250 mm during the storm) It is estimated that over 80% of the city under the water
      • Deaths totalled 1836 - many drowned in the floodwaters and lay in the streets or floated in the water for days before their bodies were recovered
      • Over 10,000 people were made homeless. Most of these were from the poor inner city areas of St Bernard's Parish and Lower Ninth Ward
      • Over 3 million people were left without electricity
      • There was shortage of food and no access to a clean water supply for survivors, which raised problems of contaminated water and health risks


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