Hungarian uprising

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  • Hungarian uprising
    • 1956
    • A Communist government was set is Hungary with the support of the USSR and Rakosi and his secret police.
    • People began to protests because of the poor living condition that the Soviet policies caused.
    • EVENTS:
      • Stalin's statue was brought down and Rakosi forced troops to move into Budapest.
      • Once Nagy became priminster, Soviet troops withdrew. He wanted reform.
        • Free elections, no secret police, no Soviet troopds
          • Free election could mean the end of Communism in Hunary
            • If Hungary left, it would create a gap in the Iron curtain and destroy the Ibuffer zone.
      • This worried Khrushchev when Nagy wanted to remove Hungary from the Warsaw pact and be neutral in the cold war
      • 1000 tanks and soviet troops moved into hungary and crushed the uprising. Although Nagy appealed to the West, no help was given
      • Nagy was captured and shot.
    • RESULTS:
      • Over 200,00 fled
      • Highlighted failureof peaceful co-existence.
      • No support from the West.
      • A new government was set up and it was communists
      • A warning to other EE countries abut what USSR is capable of.


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