Hungarian Uprising 1956(2)

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  • Hungarian Crisis 1956 (2)
    • Krushchevs response
      • Nagys reforms shows the end of the alliance with the USSR
        • K thought they were unacceptable as if Hungary left other countries would follow
      • 4th November 1956 200,000 soviet troops entered to put down march
        • fought Nagys supporters
          • 20,000 wounded
    • Nagys trial and execution
      • he looked for protection from the Yugoslavian embassy
        • Khrushchev agreed that he could leave Hungary
      • but he was arrested by soviets and found guilty of treason.
      • Nagy hanged 1958
    • International reaction
      • USA offered food and medical aid to Hungary
      • UN condemned soviet invasion
      • Spain, Netherlands and Sweden boycotted Olympics
    • Reasserting Soviet control
      • Kadar made new leader of Hungary
        • but he had no real power
      • other mindmap has info. about him


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