Hundred Days Legislation 9th March-16th June 1933

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  • Hundred Days Legislation 9th March-16th June 1933
    • Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)
      • Poverty and Unemployment
        • 500 million dollars allocated to help relieve suffering of poor (food, clothing etc.)
        • Seed and equipment for farmers
        • Schemes to create jobs
    • Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
      • Unemployment among young men
        • Men aged 18-25 given six months of work
        • had to send most of their pay homes to pay parents/wives
        • About 300,000 thousand joined in 1933 - by 1940 there were 2 million
        • When working, stayed in camps nearby
    • Public Works Administration (PWA)
      • Became Works Progress Administration in 1935
      • Unemployment
        • Paid for public works projects such as schools, roads and hospitals
    • Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)
      • Rural Poverty, unemployment and low crop prices
        • Advised farmers on marketing and farming techniques
        • Helped solve problem of overproduction by government buying up produce
        • Farmers became more organised but wealthy farmers gained the most
    • National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
      • General economic condition of USA
        • Set up National Recovery Administration (NRA)
          • Set standards on working practices such as hours and child labour - helped create more jobs
        • Employers in scheme displayed eagle symbol of government approval and Government encouraged people to use these firms
        • Over 2 million employers joined the scheme
    • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
      • Agricultural overproduction and regular flood had ruined livelihoods of farm workers in Tennessee Valley.
      • No alternative jobs in industry and area covered six states and was too big for any one state to deal with
        • Huge public work projects dams, irrigation, canals and water transport
        • Hydroelectric power created thousands of jobs
        • Farmers given loans and training in soil conservation
        • New housing built


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