Humman relationships

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  • Humman relationships
    • Roles of men and wommen in familiy and church
      • Some christianse interprit genasis as if men are supirior to women
      • Most modern christans do no tbelive men are supirior to women
        • St paul said that Ther isneither male or female for you are all on ein jesus christ
      • St paul taught that women whould be silent in church
        • Some christians argue that because jesus chose 12 men as deciples only men should be leaders in church
      • women were present at the foot of jesus's cross when the rest of the desiples hid in fear
        • The first people to sescover that jesus tomb was empty were women
    • The importance of christian marriage
      • Catholic teaching about marriage
        • life giving- open to the posibility of children
        • Exclusive- its just between a husband and wife
        • perminant- the couple cannot be separated
        • A living sacrament- an outward sign of the love of god
      • Marriage cerimony
        • Begining of the service
          • Declarations
            • Vows
              • Rings
                • Proclamation
                  • Prayers
                    • Readings and sermon
                      • Signing of the register
    • Christian attitudes towards civil partnerships
      • There are many places in both the old and new testiment that condem homosexuality
        • Leviticus 18:22 Homosexual acts are an abomination to god
      • Many cherches condem same sex relationships
      • Some christians like the Quakers are less judgmental about homosexuality
    • Christian beliefs about divorce
      • jesus taught that marriage is for life
      • There is debate in chistianity to whether couples should be able to divorce and mary again
      • The catholic church dose not allow divorce
        • However it permits couples to seporate and live apart
        • The marriage can be annulled is the couple were under age forced to marry or didnt consumate the marriage
      • Divorce is premited in the anglican church because jesus taught that the right couse of action was the most lovign thing
        • Some point out that jesus did permit divorce on the grounds of unfaithfulness
    • Christian attitudes to sexual relationships and contiception
      • Chirstians belive that sex is a gift from god
        • They belive it is an exspreshion of love between a husband and wife
          • Some christians wear rings to show their comitment to abstain from sex before marriage
      • Contriception
        • Romman catholics regect the idea of artificial birth controle
        • The church teaches  that marriage shouldbe open to the posibility of children
        • Some churches agree the purpose of marriage is to have children but do not see anything wrong with using contreseption if they want to limit the size of their family
  • some christians look tothe bible for evidance that the man should be the head of the familiy
    • Some christianse interprit genasis as if men are supirior to women


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