Humanity 2

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  • Humanity
    • Hailsham
      • clones only "lucky pawns"
      • Miss E
        • Finds clones repulsive
          • "We're all afraid of you. I myself had to fight back my dread of you every day I was at H" 264
      • Created to prove clones are capable of thought, reasoning and artistic skill to highlight their humanity
        • Unclear if they're campaigning for an end to cloning or better treatment of clones
        • Continual reference to art engenders reader's self-awareness (someone who is also analysing art) and question how we are any different to them
      • Social experiment
      • Communal existence
        • Co-dependency evidence of their humanity
        • Suppresses their individuality making them less human
          • Individuality due to nurture instead of nature, it is a reliable metric of humanity?
      • Microcosm of society
    • Context
      • Slavery used to produce sugar in 18th Century
      • Sweatshops in India 21st century ignored by beneficiaries
        • "The world didn't want to be reminded how the donation programme really worked"
      • Scientific meaning: Homo sapiens are beings which stand upright, use tools have intelligent thought, live in social communities and have language
        • Students classed as humans
    • Links to death
      • Death intrinsic to humanity
        • However, clones don't get to live normal full lives or choose their lives
      • Use complex relationships as a distraction from fate
    • K's narrative voice
      • K describes her past in a relatable way for contemporary readers
      • Avoids describing emotions/ dwelling on pain
        • Typically deflects on to others
          • "Even Ruth looked daunted that summer day"
          • Manifestation of a saviour complex, playing into clone narrative
        • Adds to her humanity
          • Could be in front of an audience (direct address, spoken narrative)
        • Could be in front of an audience (direct address, spoken narrative)
      • Colloquialisms
        • "If you'd told me"
        • Relatable and inclusive
        • Bound to concerns about relationships
          • Emphasises humanity
      • Direct address
        • K's desperate desire to belong; relatable
      • Affected by inability to remember accurately
      • Uses memories to gain better understanding of past or distract from future


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