Humanistic Approach

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  • Humanistic Approach
    • Respecting and valuing eachother
    • Locus of Control
      • INTERNAL - influence events and changes things
      • EXTERNAL - fate or chance...less likely to control their lives
    • Person Centered Counselling (Non-directive)
      • Unconditional Positive Regard
      • Active listening
      • Untitled
      • PERSON CENTERED THEORY - if people have a distorted view of who they are they may cease to value themselves.
    • Stresses the importance of each individual and each person is an expert on themselves.
      • Common as it is highly effective
      • Identifies how a person can change their lives
      • Gives control to the client
      • Very time consuming
      • It doesn't give answers just a better understanding
      • Expensive


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