AQA Psychology Unit 1 Humanistic Approach

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  • Humanistic
    • Assumptions
      • Human beings must be viewed as a whole and not be reduced to component parts
      • Human beings have free will and ave control over their own decisions
      • Each person is unique
        • Thier subjective experience must be taken into account
      • To be psyhologically healthy, our ideal self and real self must be congruent
    • Evaluation
      • Weaknesses
        • Hard to test concepts of self control
        • Unscientific - use of case studies
          • Subjective
        • Difficult to generalise findings as method used is case studies
          • Subjective
      • Strengths
        • Highlights the importance of personality
        • Big impact on treatment of psychological problems
        • Highlights importance of  non scientific investigation into human behaviour
        • Maslow's hierarchy has many practical aplications
    • Concept of self
      • During childhood
        • "I" or"me" experiences
          • As we get older, become more aware of own identity
            • Personality likes and silikes
      • Ideal self
        • What a person aspires to be like
      • Therapy increases level of congruence between ideal and real self
    • Self-actualisation
      • If one wants to be psychologically healthy
        • All deficiency needs must be met first
    • Research
      • Idiotgraphic and qualitative
        • Unstructured interviews
        • Analysis of diaries
      • Holistic view
      • Subjective experiences
  • Client controlled therapy
    • Big impact on treatment of psychological problems


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