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  • Humanist
    • Assumptions
      • All people are unique, psychology should focus on subjectice experiences
        • feelings and thoughts of individual
      • people have free will they choose who they want to be
      • people should be looked at holistically as a whole person you lose the whole person if you focus on the smaller parts e.g behaviour unconscious
      • people have an innate drive to fulfil potential (self actualise)
      • psychological problems occur when there is a gap between ideal self and actual self
      • scientific method not appropriate to study humans because they are complex and individual
    • Limitations
      • lack of empirical research- no evidence
      • not very detailed
      • ignores biology focuses on drive to be self actualised not biological drive
    • Strengths
      • focuses on conscious experience what its like to be human- what people think and feel
      • recognises personal responsibility (free will ) we are in control of our lives relationships and experiences
        • only approach that says responsible for actions
      • Came up with client centered therapy


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