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  • Humanism
    • Humanism
      • classical texts
        • latin
        • Greek
      • ad fontes
        • back to the source
      • stressed that humankind had freewill
      • mankind centred
    • Christian humanism
      • wanted to return to the simplicity of the 1st christians
      • The Word of God was the only guide on how to behave
      • looked critically at the texts in the Bible
      • education was the way to cause change.
      • attacked the values of monastic life
      • Erasmus
        • Adages, 1500
          • explanation of 800+ Greek and Latin sayings
        • Handbook of a Christian Soldier. 1503
          • aimed to restore the Catholic Church to a simple imitation the the life of Christ.
        • Praise of Folly, 1511
          • Points out the foolishness of: youth, old ages, men's attitudes to women, teachers, courtiers, members of the Church
        • New testament in Greek, 1516
          • Vulgate = the Bible in Latin
          • Undermined the authority of the Church and the text on which it was based.
        • Freedom of the will, 1524
          • written to counter the view of Luther
          • Humankind could choose it's own destiny
    • Wanted a faith based on the scriptures
    • influenced protestant reformers
      • Zwingli
    • Didn't attack the Church's key teachings
    • Didn't want to lead a popular movement


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