Human Rights

Human Rights Unit 4:D

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  • Human rights
    • Civil and political 'first generation'
      • negative rights reliant on inactivity e.g. 'freedom from arbitrary imprisonment'
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    • Economic, social and cultural 'second generation'
      • positive rights that require action e.g. 'right to social security'
        • Socialism
    • Solidarity 'third generation'
      • concerns of the global south; e.g. 'right to development'
    • Realists
      • Intl. politics should not be viewed in moral terms
      • National interest should take precedence
    • Feminists
      • Seek to transform concept; 'women's human rights' (Friedman)
      • Human rights are male-centric, designed to protect entitlement and patriarchy
    • Post colonial


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