Human Resources

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  • Human Resources
    • Human Resource Management
      • Soft HRM
        • Employees are Empowered
        • Long Term Workforce Planning
        • Democratic Leadership Style
      • Human Resource Objectives
        • Matching the workforce to the needs of the business
          • Minimising labour costs
            • Making effective use of the workforce
              • Maintaining good employee/ employer relations
      • Hard HRM
        • Little Delegation
        • Tall Organisation Structure
        • Autocratic Leadership
      • HRM is the design, implementation and maintenance of strategies to manage people for optimum business performance
      • Workforce Planning
        • Workforce Planning is about deciding how many and what types of workers are required
        • Benefits of effective workforce planning
          • Encourages managers to prepare and plan for changes rather than simply react to them
          • Staff feel they are closer to the decision making process
          • Businesses going through significant change are better able to handle the workforce implications
        • Issues with workforce planning
          • Employee Employer relations
          • Training- expensive, disruptive and difficult to measure the benefits
          • Cost e.g. new training, recruitment
    • Organisation Culture
      • Shows how people and management are organised within a business
      • A Centralised structure is when a business keeps decision making at the top of the hierarchy
        • Advantages of centralised structures
          • Easier to implement common policies and practices
            • Easier to control from the centre e.g. budgets
              • Quicker decision making
            • Easier to achieve economies of scale
        • Disadvantages of centralised structures
          • Extra layers in hierachy
            • Lack of authority down the hierarchy may reduce manager motivation
              • Customer service misses flexibility
    • Flexible working examples: term-time working, annual hours contract, flexitime
      • Benefits of flexible working
        • Savings on costs e.g. overheads such as office space if employees work from home
        • Results in better job satisfaction and higher staff morale
        • To take advantage of technology
      • Drawbacks of flexible working
        • Potential loss of customers
        • Potentially lower employee productivity
        • Managers finding it difficult to manage or administer flexibility
    • Effective employer/ employee relations
      • Effective communication only happens if information is sent, received and understood
      • Benefits of effective communication
        • Motivates employees
        • Better decision making
        • Better communication with customers will increase sales
      • Mayo emphasised the importance of communication in meeting employees social needs
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