Human Relationships

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  • Human Relationships
    • Christian Views about sexual relationships
      • Most theists believe that sex is sacred and should only take place in a marital relationship
        • Any other sexual relationships are seen as a sin and go against the ten commandments- 'do not commit adultery'
      • Christians also believe that sex is a gift from god to be used in a loving way for procreation and therefore people should not be treated as sex objects
        • Disagree with people who have one night stands (promiscuity) they believe it is not respectable
      • some campaigns and organisations help to promote abstinence from sex before marriage
        • The Silver Ring Thing- Organisation in America emphasises the Christian beliefs that sex was a gift from God as an expression of love within marriage and that abstinence reflects self-worth and value
          • The people involved in this organisation wore a silver ring to show they were waiting to be married before sex
      • The Church of England also teaches that marriage is the proper place in which sexual relationships should occur because sex is an act of loyalty, commitment and love as expressed in the Christian wedding vows
        • The 1995 report "something to celebrate" recommended that Christians accept cohabitation including a sexual relationship is, for many people, a step towards commitment to marriage
    • Contraception
      • used to stop pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.
      • Artificial Contraception is the use of a device such as a condom, an operation such as vasectomy or a form of medication like the pill
        • Natural contraception involves using the natural rhythm of the woman's least fertile point to have sex or the withdrawal method
          • all chrisitians against morning after pill as seen as a form of abortion
        • Catholics believe that it is wrong to use artificial contraception devices because they regard the act of sex as something a married couple should do for the purpose of procreation and goes against the sanctity of life
          • if anything interferes with this process then they would regard it as something that goes against the will of God. They therefore think that contraception is an unnatural process.
            • However Catholics do accept the withdrawal method and the rhythm method because they are natural ways of birth control and do not interfere with Gods plans for people
              • The catholic view is controversial because it has lead to the spread of H.I.V in parts of Africa where there is a large population of catholic people.
          • Protestants believe that a couple can use any form of contraception because the couple need to decide when to have a baby. Many protestanst would say that God has give us common sense to make decisions for ourseleves. Protestants would also argue that it is not a loving act to continue to have children if you are unable to support and provide for them. Knowledge of contraception was given to us by God
    • Marriage and Divorce
      • Features: minister explains the purpose of marriage, the couples exchange their vows and the couples exchange their rings


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