Fish Stocks

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  • Fish Stocks
    • In the past 60 years commercial fishing fleets of large factory ships has built up.
    • The result of uncontrolled overfishing is that stocks of edible fish has decreased
      • In the North Sea the stocks are dangerously low because almost all of the breeding fish have been caught
    • If not controlled species such as cod and bluefin tuna will disappear completely in some areas
    • Tackling the problem
      • Controlling the size of holes in the nets: this allows smaller fish to go free and keep the breeding going
      • Bans of fishing in breeding season
      • However this can be at human cost- fishermen have to make a living and many now cannot
      • Another way is by creating mycoprotein which is a product made from a fungus giving you the protein benefits of meat.
    • The Problem
    • This is a world wide problem


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