Carbon Dioxide and greenhouse effect


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  • Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Effect
    • CO2 is removed from the air and stored
      • too much in atom sphere causes global warming
      • Carbon can be 'sequestered' ( locked up) in natural stores
        • Oceans, lakes and rivers
        • Green plants ( stored as carbon compounds)
          • CO2 removed during photosynthesis
        • peat bogs
        • important because means CO2 is removed from atmosphere
    • CO2 and Methane trap heat  from the sun.
      • Temp. of earth is a balance between the heat from the sun & heat radiated back out into space
      • Gases in the atmosphere acts naturally as an insulating layer
        • Absorbs heat that would be radiated. This is then re-radiated  ALL directions ( back towards the earth).
        • If this didn't happen: at night COLD
          • Good for purpose but too much - DAMAGING
        • Greenhouse gases = CO2 + methane
          • levels rising sharply


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