Biology (Classification)

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  • Classification
    • Classification Systems
      • They change over time. Used to be lumped together in two kingdoms: plants and animals.
      • Kingdoms: Protista, Monera, Fungi, Plants, Animals.
    • Evolutionary Trees
      • Between organisms can be displayed in these evolutionary trees.
      • Monera is the earliest stage, which gave rise to Protista which after that the others evolved.
    • Species
      • Five kingdoms divided in phyla, which is divided into classes, each into orders, each into families, each into genera then into species
      • Closely related species can be found anywhere in the world, they have evolved over time to adapt to different conditions
    • Arthropods
      • Invertebrates can be divided into different groups, one of which is arthropods.
      • Crustacean, Insect, Arachnid, Myriapod


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