human factors increasing disasters

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  • Human factors leading to an upward trend in disaster frequency and magnitude
    • land pressure leads to e.g clearence  of mangroves, which protect coast from tsunamis/ surges
    • Economic development leads to land degradation: desforestation for timber and farming beyond the margin leads to desertification, soil degradation and increased pollution
    • Poulation growth and change. more people = more vulnerable people, especially the elderly and the young. increasing pressure at coasts
    • Political change. corrupt goverments or war can exert extra pressure on land and lead to desperate responses by rural migrants. they can also mismanage disasters relief efforts
    • rapid urbanisation and growth of megacities leads to many people living in squatter settlements at high risk from flooding or landslide
    • Economic growth increases value of property and infrastructure, increasing economic impacts
    • poverty means many less developed countries cant afford disasters mangement and support for vulnerable people
    • technological inovations controls hazards but dont protect agaisnt major disasters; can also encourage people to build in danger zones


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