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  • Human Development Index (HDI)
    • started to use HDI in 1990
    • Combines indictors
      • Health
      • Wealth
      • Education
    • contains social and economic indictors
    • sets max and min for each dimension known as goalposts
      • then shows where each country stands in relation to these goal posts (0-1)
      • Closer to 1= developed
      • closer to 0 = undeveloped
    • most countries HDI are improving
      • except sub-Saharan Africa caused by aids/HIV and central Asia cause by worsening education and high mortality race
    • Although some people feel that HDI puts to much emphasises on wealth
      • should incorporate: freedom of speech and democracy
    • HDI is published in attempt to measure both equality and sustainability within countries
    • Measures: adult literacy, educational attainment, life expectancy and GNI


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