Human Condition

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  • Human Condition
    • Christianity
      • Nature Dimension
        • that human being have the abiltiy to make moral decision, thta separates us from animal
      • Supernatural Dimension
        • Which is the abilty  to be with God and live in heaven
      • Purpose
        • to save everyone form sin and to do God works work and worship him
      • Chirst is in everyone so we are "made in the image of God"
      • Humans can be unperfect and sin so need God love to help them to still sin free
      • Protestment
        • That human denity is lost through sin
        • We the power of thought but has become corrupted
        • Follow a life focus on Chirst
        • We have value as cwe an be focus on Chirst
      • Catholic
        • The firts sin is a part of human culutre becuase of Adma and Eve with the fall of man
        • Because of the fisrt sin, women have pain in child birth, men have to work and death in the world
        • Batia is the only way to get rid of this sin
        • Human condition is hardship, suffering and death
        • Sin in the devil has inside of the human conditon lead us to be weak
        • Hope to redeem ourslef by following God
      • Free will vs Fate
        • Human eing were created wiht the abiltiy to think and with moral choices
        • Adam and Eve choose to eat the fruit so man chooses freely
        • Human denity - can choose to be good or bad
        • If you follow Jesus, then you become like him - closer to heaven
    • Buddhism
      • Anatta
        • No self - the more atteched to purself the more Greed will beocme to use
      • We have charactics thta keeps us sperate from other in the whell of samsara
      • The Five perceptes
        • I undertake the rule of training to refrainfrom killing living creatures.
        • I undertake the rule of training to refrainfrom taking what is not given.
        • I undertake the rule of training to refrain from wrong conduct in sexual pleasures
        • I undertake the rule of training to refrain from false speech.
        • I undertake the rule of training to refrain from distilled and fermented intoxicants, which are the occasion for carelessness
      • The eigthfold path
      • Free will
        • You can choose to be free of rebirth
        • Karma - your action detomates if you are reborned goodly or badly


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