Human Impact on environment and ecosystems.

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  • Human Impact on environment and ecosystems.
    • Comercial fishing
      • Over fishing- extinction
      • By- catching- not intended to catch
      • bottom trawling- destroying coral reefs and catching smaller fish.
      • poisons, explosives
    • Mechanising of farming
      • Biodeverity reduces as there is a single crop.
      • nutrients lost as there is no cycle.
      • soil erosion.
      • herbicides and pesticides kill animals and plants.
    • Deforestation
      • extinction of natural vegetation.
      • animals and plants die, no habitat.
      • no nutrient cycle
      • no water cycle.
      • Poor soil.
    • Mining
      • large scale deforestation
      • all ground stripped away, no vegetation.
      • greenhouse gases released.
      • ground cannot be used anymore
    • Reservoirs
      • blasting chemicals and water
      • starves ecosystems of water
      • social displacement
    • Water transfer schemes
      • diverting/ splitting a river
      • species disrupted
      • killing of species
      • erosion speeded up


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