Human geography

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  • Human geography
    • Introduction
      • To what extent do internal factors influence the need for regeneration in Bath?
      • I predict that internal factors do influence regeneration
        • I predict that internal factors don't influence regeneration
    • Methods and data collection
      • What data are you collecting?
        • Pedestrian count
          • Recording for a minute at each site
        • EQS
          • Using the criteria to assess each site
        • Annotated photos
          • Photos of any evidence of regeneration
        • Questionnaire
          • Random sampling in order to avoid bais
        • Using random sampling at each site to include all catagories
    • Data analysis
      • Spearman's rank was used to compare distance from CBD to pedestrian numbers-test if there was a correlation between increasing distance and lower numbers
    • Conclusions
      • Patterns such as decreasing pedestrian numbers further away from the centre, as well as poor EQS scores were identified to show areas of Bath having undergone recent regeneration
      • Conclusion reached of internal factors influencing the need for regeneration
    • Evaluation
      • Cpnclusion not evaluated on validity
    • Data presentation
      • All data has been displayed clearly, although accuracy of isoline map can be questioned as not enough data has been collected to draw accurate shapes
      • Values for central tendency were not calculated


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