human defence systems

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  • human defence systems
    • immune system
      • white blood cells are part of the immune system
        • pathogens are identified by white blood cells by the different proteins on their surfaces
    • non specific defence systems
      • the human body has several non specific ways of defending itself from pathogens getting in
      • nose
        • nasal hairs, sticky mucus and cilia
          • prevent pathogens entering the body through the nostrils
      • trachea and bronchus (respiratory system)
        • lined with mucus to tap dust and pathogens
        • cilia move the mucus upwards to be swallowed
      • stomach acid
        • kills most ingested pathogens
        • ph1 strong acid
      • skin
        • hard to penetrate waterproof barrier
        • glands secrete oil which kills microbes


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