human and physical factors

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  • human and physical factors
    • culture: traditional societies may reject material goods/ consumption
    • access to safe drinking water
    • technology: railway, electricity and internet
    • attractive scenery will attract tourist income
    • history: colonisation or industrialisation
    • reliability of rainfall. this influences agriculture and can create risks like droughts and monsoons
    • healthcare: disease or access to vaccination
    • risk of earthquakes, volcanic eruption, tropical storms, floods can limit development
    • availability of timber for fuel and construction
    • democracy and the right to vote
    • steep mountainous, rock terrain is more difficult to build on and limits farming
    • trade: fair or unfair trade
    • global links. for example membership of international groups such as the UN
    • some climates will attract tourism
    • landlocked countries may find trade with distant countries more difficult
    • some benefits from volcanic ash and minerals; floodwaters bring rich soil
    • fuel sources such as coal, oil, natural gas
    • minerals and metals for trade, energy and manufacturing
    • investment or growth of TNC's
    • extreme climates such as hot and cold deserts all limit industry and affect health
    • war or corruption
    • frequent hazards will damage buildings, cause injury, reduce industry and farming
    • debt


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