Hulme, Manchester-City Challenge

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  • Hulme City Challenge-Inner City Improvement Case Study
    • After
      • Traditional street layout returned to
        • Made people feel safer as people looked onto the street
      • Greener areas, whith more trees and open space
        • Made the area feel cleaner and have more space for recreation
          • A park was built as part of this
      • More even economic spread
        • Reduced the problems of the high level of poverty
      • Demolished the Crescents
        • Reduced all of the crime caused by them
      • Conserved water
        • Made the cost of living lower as water bills weren't as high
      • Schools were built
        • Increased education in the area, allowing the graduates to get better jobs and earn more money
      • Local listened to
        • Made them feel more involved in the process and therefore more likely to look after the facilites
      • More energy efficient
        • Made the cost of living lower as eletricity and gas bills were reduced
    • Before
      • Massive housing estate
        • No privacy made residents uncomfortable
          • 13,000 people living in one small area
            • High density and overcrowded
        • High-rise crescents of flats
      • 13,000 people living in one small area
        • High density and overcrowded
      • 30x more likely to be mugged or murdered than the national average
        • Made the whole area feel very dangerous
      • Nowhere for children to play
        • No gardens meant that they had to always stay to indoors
        • High deckings were unsafe
      • Became a dumping ground for 'problem families'
        • Partial cause of the high crime rate
      • Low wages and high rent
        • Caused it to be called 'Manchester's most deprived area'
      • Poor quality buildings
        • Caused vermin problems and a lack of care for the area
    • Overview
      • 1992-City Challenge a big initiative. Aimed to regenerate inner cities
      • Involved the council, private companies and the local community in Hulme, Manchester


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