Creation of Characters: Gatsby

Mindmap to show the different characters and how they have been created.

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  • Creation of Characters
    • Jordan Baker
      • There is a link to the choric voice of neutral
      • Also relation to the River Jordan- is a source of conflict.
        • This is a very sacred river with connotations of christening and salvation
      • Jordan Baker is a UNISEX name: it shows the middle that the character is usually in
      • Is an ironic name: To bake- however she is not a stereotypical woman
        • In a sense it could be argued that she is an individiual compared to everyone else
    • Tom Buchanan
      • BUCHANAN: James was a president, and so Fitzgerald has chosen a high status name to show that Tom has power
        • However he was unable to prevent the American Civil War- similar to not preventing Daisy loving Gatsby
      • Tom is a domestic cat name- relating to him needing comforting.
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