Young Catherine and Linton's Relationship

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  • How would you describe Catherine and Linton's relationship?
    • Both desperate and lonely
      • Linton- attention seeker
      • Young Cathy- lonely
      • Misinterpreted for love
    • Depedent relationship based on  desperation/isolation
      • Linton depends on her to take care of him& win his father's favour
    • Forced
      • Heathcliff blackmails Cathy to ensure it- and writes Linton's love letters
    • Dysfunctional
      • Cousins
      • Young- both are barely 16
      • Heathcliff has faked the relationship
    • Fake
      • Because of Heathcliff's involvement
      • Linton exaggerates his illness to Cathy
    • Love based on pity
      • Cathy feels pity for him b/c he is ill
    • Innocent
      • both inexperienced in relationships
      • Young- Linton is constantly referred to as a baby
      • Never consumated
    • Linton- whingy and whining towards YC
      • Linton- mean to Hareton and encourages Cathy in this
      • Untitled


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