How water stress can occur- Agriculture, Industry, Domestic use and supply

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  • How water stress can occur- Agriculture, Industry, Domestic use and supply
    • 1.Water stress occurs when demand for water exceeds the amount available during a certain period or when poor quality restricts its use
      • Therefore when a country's water consumption is more than 10% of its renewable freshwater rate it is dais to be water stressed
    • 2.the 20th century water consumption has increased by 600% due to population growth and economic development
      • Farming uses 70% of all water and in LEDC's this is up to 90%
      • Industrial and domestic use has to compete with farming needs as a country develops
      • Daily domestic water use on average is 47 liters per person in Africa, compared with 578 liters in the USA
    • 3.This has lead to the development of a world water gap with 1.4 billion lacking clean drinking water and 12% of the world's population consuming 85% of the world's water
    • Agriculture
      • Some forms of farming are less water efficient that others e.g. a kg of beef is 10x more water costly to produce then a kg of rice. 17% of the global area used for growing crops is irrigated
    • Industry
      • 21% used for industry but rapid growth expected since the development of countries such as India and China. Industry is generally more efficient user of water then farming
    • Domestic
      • Only 10% of world's water is used for this purpose but this varies from country to country. Domestic demand seems to be doubling every 20 years


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